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Drivers Information

You are able to drive your relative or friend if you:

• Have registered with the Barbara Bus Fund office at Stanmore or Stoke Mandeville
• Have a current full manual driving licence
• Are over 25 and under 79 years of age

For more information about the driver requirements for the vehicles please contact the office on 020 8416 0733

Volunteer Driving

We are always on the lookout for keen drivers who may be able to spare a few hours to drive passengers who do not have friends or relatives to drive them. If you think that you could help in this way please contact us to find out more.

Telephone: 020 8416 0733


Please Note that The Barbara Bus Fund cannot be responsible for fines incurred for parking or traffic offences. Drivers are responsible for parking in accordance with any regulations and for the payment of any fines.
Drivers Dinner 2016

Journey logs and fuel

There is a Journey Log in each vehicle which must be completed each time the vehicle is used.

Please remember to refuel the vehicle with Diesel before returning it.

Group User Policy

Click here to read our Group User Policy

Barbara Bus Fund User Policy

As a non-fee charging charity, the BBF is under no obligation to provide our free service to people who (despite reminders) continue to disregard the basic principles of the BBF.

• The main principles are summarised as:
• Only using the vehicles for the transportation of wheel chair users
• Only using the vehicles for the journeys agreed at the time of booking
• Abide by the Highway Code in relation to driving
• Abide by any local regulations and signage in relation to parking
• Treat the vehicles as if they were your own and avoid any vehicle damage
• In the case of any accident or incident involving a BBF vehicle, ensure it is reported to the office as soon as possible with full details
• Ensure vehicles are only used for the agreed period with timely collection and return
• Ensure vehicles are returned with a full tank of diesel
• Treat the staff at the BBF with courtesy and respect

If there are occurrences of users not following these basic principles, these will be reported to the BBF Trustees. They will consider what action should be taken, ranging from monitoring repeat non-compliance, warnings to specific users to ultimately deciding that users will not be granted access to the vehicles.

These principles ensure that the BBF continues to provide a fair service whilst upholding its reputation with other users and the communities in which it operates, as well as maintaining the standards and ethos set when it was founded.