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Our History

Barbara Werndly
Barbara Werndly was an inpatient at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) after becoming paralysed as a result of contracting Polio when she was 13 years old. To see a history of Barbara's life in photographs please click here

Barbara soon realised the difficulties which existed for people requiring the use of wheelchairs to have access to specially adapted vehicles enabling them to get out and about with family and friends.

So in 1968 with the help and invaluable support from a number of people, a registered charity the Barbara Bus Fund was established. 

The aim of the fund was to provide a means of transport for people within the hospital and the surrounding areas who, for whatever reason, were unable to use public transport or standard vehicles.

Funds were raised by raffles, fetes, donations and fashion shows in order to buy the first converted van.

With the support of a group of Trustees and volunteers, Barbara continued to run the Fund from the RNOH up to when she sadly died in 1995.
Barbara Girl of CourageThe full story and background of Barbara’s life and the Barbara Bus Fund were detailed in a book entitled “Barbara – Girl of Courage” written by Penny White.

This has recently been republished and copies of this book are available to buy from the BBF office at the RNOH.