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The Barbara Bus 50th Anniversary Party

The Barbara Bus Charity celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a party in the grounds of the RNOH at Stanmore. Over a hundred friends and users of the charity attended and were entertained by the Strathspey Highland Dancers and the Watford One Voice choir.

Radio Brockley provided the music and staged the events.
the 50th birthday cake
The 50th Birthday Cakes showing one of the latest vehicles
party attendeea listening to the concert
Over 100 people were attended the event and were entertained by the Watford One Voice choir and the Speyside Highland Dancers.
the watford one voice choir
The Watford One Voice Choir performed a wide variety of songs from their extensive repertoire.
highland dancers
The Highland Dancers gave an excellent interpretation of several classic Scottish Highland Dances. Each with a story behind it which gave extra meaning to the performance.
vistors from the queen elizabeth foundation
Visitors from other related charities came to the party. This group was from the Queen Elizabeth Foundation.
richard holland the barabara bus charity chairman
The final event of the afternoon was a speech of thanks from Richard Holland, the Chairman of the Barbara Bus Charity. He thanked all those that had contributed to a wonderful afternoon and also thanked all those drivers, staff, and volunteers that made the work of the Charity possible.