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Frequently Asked Questions

- Who can use the vehicles?

Anyone who is dependent on a wheelchair and cannot transfer to use cars, taxis or public transport.  

- I use a wheelchair but I like to transfer to a seat to travel, may I still use the vehicles?

Sorry, no. It is a requirement that you travel in your wheelchair. 

- How much will my trip cost?

As a registered charity, we do not make set charges for the use of the vehicles. However, we do ask users to make a donation to the Fund as well as returning the vehicle with a full tank and in a clean and tidy condition. 

- Where can I go in the vehicles?

Wherever you like for a maximum of two weeks if you have your own driver. You may also travel abroad but you must inform us in advance. 

- Who can drive me?

Friends, relatives or carers may drive you as long as they are between 25 and 75, subject to completing the Fund's simple registration process. 

- Do you have any volunteer drivers who can take me out?

We do have some volunteer drivers, mainly for local trips. You would be charged a mileage rate to cover the cost of the fuel when using one of our drivers and you would normally need to take a carer or companion with you.

- Are the vehicles insured?

Once drivers register with the fund they are covered by our fully comprehensive insurance and we also have public liability cover. 

- Will my wheelchair fit in the vehicles?

Most electric and manual wheelchairs fit into our vehicles but if your chair is particularly high or wide please check with our staff. Users are responsible for ensuring that their wheelchair is suitable for use with a four point restraint system.